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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Etiquette tips for yoga class and the reasons behind them.

People take yoga for a variety of reasons: an invigorating workout, functional strength, flexibility, reduce stress, or improve overall health and well-being. Whatever the goal, yoga students are choosing a personal, mentally challenging, non-competitive, quiet, tranquil, and breath-focused experience. This unique experience is why people love yoga so much!

When you start yoga or any activity for the first time, it might seem intimidating because you don’t feel connected with the class norms. Our hope is to help familiarize you with yoga norms so you feel connected and confident:

  • Arrive early. (approx. 5 – 15 min) This will give you time to check in, find a spot, clear your head, acclimate to the room, and get settled.

  • Plan to stay for the whole class. If you must leave early, let the teacher know, and do it before Savasana (final 10 min rest). During our final pose, the quiet space and rhythmic breathing heighten your senses so abrupt movement can seem much louder to someone meditating.

  • Leave your shoes outside the studio. Yoga is practiced on the floor. Dirt from shoes will track in and make it dirty for everyone.

  • Leave your cellphone outside the room or have it on silence. We really want you to have the best practice and this ensures you’ll stay connected to the breath and the movement. Cellphones can also be a distraction to fellow students.

  • Bring water, a towel, and if possible, your own mat. We will have them for you if you need them, but investing in your own equipment means that the space you create in class is yours and you’re more likely to practice at home, which we definitely encourage!

  • Avoid perfumes or scented lotion. We’ve all made the mistake of putting lotion on our hands before class only to realize that it make them slippery during practice and you need your hands. Also, in a yoga class, senses are heighten so smells can be distracting for those with allergies.

  • Wear something comfy. No, you do not have to wear leggings (even though they are amazing), you just need something that allows you to move freely and you don’t mind sweating a little in.

  • Clean up after class. It creates a sense of community and pride if you can kindly clean up after yourself by wiping off any studio mats, wiping down props, and neatly putting them back.

  • Be compassionate and don’t judge. Yoga is not a competition. It’s work on your body both inside and out. The beauty of our practice is that perfection is never the goal. You can fall out of a pose or try a different variation and no one is judging you. Yoga will also help you detox and release a lot of physical and emotional tension. Sometimes we release toxins by passing gas or crying. We try not to react when that happens, just be compassionate and loving towards one another.

  • Be positive. A positive mind creates positive change in your life.

We hope this list of tips and considerations helps you feel empowered and more comfortable in class!

Lots of Love, Thrive Yoga


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